I’m kinda of out of practice, but I hope you like it Jay!!
I hope you had a very merry zexalmas. c:
Anonymous sent: hey there! it's your secret santa. i was just wondering if you have any arclight ships! if you don't want, i won't include them, but i think it'd help me color their characterization for you. ♥

oh dear, I’m so sorry for being so late to reply with this - I haven’t had internet access for a bit! (I really hope this isn’t too late, I’m so sorry…!)

I really like teaserviceshipping and braidshipping a lot, if that helps at all. c:

and I heard that you have storms in your area right now, so please stay safe!! please don’t worry at all about submitting on Christmas - I appreciate your work so much, so thank you!

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gender experimentation is critical and you should not need to be afraid of it and if any queer culture cannot provide spaces free from fear in doing so it has failed in the most fundamental way it can fail

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there are some days where i forget to eat the entire day, and then there are other days where i have first breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, third breakfast, tea, dinner, soupsies, supper, night lunch, midnight snack and one-in-the-morning snack

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but what if


don’t want to use singular they? well, i have a great alternative for you that’s respectful and grammatically correct! don’t talk. at all. to anyone

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I wanna try bdsm but I don’t wanna get roped into anything too early

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who else is pumped for third impact next year

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